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Xylem Plus is our EPA-registered systemic fungicide and bactericide that is proven to increase plant health and annual yields. This protection can last up to 60 days with label rates of application.

Clean, trusted, systemic, broad-spectrum use, fungicide*

Xylem Plus utilizes our patented poly-phosphite technology and is systemically active in both the xylem and phloem. This makes it the broadest spectrum soil-borne pathogen fungicide/bactericide on the market.

Rhizoctonia | Pythium | Fusarium | Anthracnose | Others *Check with your state regulatory agency on licensing requirements

Xylem Plus in furrow


Applied to the leafs Xylem Plus is easily absorbed and transported down the Phloem throughout the plant into the roots.

Applied at the root, it is easily absorbed and transported up the Xylem and throughout the plant.

Xylem Plus Systemic


The phosphite ion is very active and has double circulation allowing it to be a vector for successful application on any organ of the plant from leaf to root.

Phosphite Fungicide



Foreign molecules are recognized instantly, some diseases mask recognition at the host cell level, and plants defense is delayed because of weak response going to the nucleus.

Non Protected Cell
Xylem Plus Fungicide


The phosphite in Xylem Plus encourages defense molecules (PR Proteins) to attack the disease directly warning cells not attacked. Polysaccharides strengthen cell wall adding protection.

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